Technical Debt
Optimization for Enterprise Digital Transformation

Increasing threat of Technical Debt is impacting business growth

Date: 16 Dec 2022
Time: 11-12.30 pm

Embrace ESG as a Service for a long-term strategy to Success

Conneqt Digital – OutSystems Webinar Collaterals

Conneqt Digital, in partnership with OutSystems, welcomes you to an exclusive webinar to discuss Technical Debt Optimization for Enterprise Digital Transformation. Join us at this event on the 16th of December, 2022.

Technical debt costs businesses thousands of dollars a second, seriously inhibiting their ability to adapt and grow. In some cases, it significantly undermines financial performance or threatens the existence of longstanding corporations. As a whole, the problem undermines technological innovation and represents a severe drag on entire industries and economies. However, business leaders are still in a dilemma regarding the causes of technical debt and the actual financial and strategic burden of its reasons.

Draining budgets and resources, technical debt distracts companies from their core business objective and competing in today’s dynamic business landscape. Nearly seven out of ten companies surveyed said technical debt limits innovation capability.

It is a daunting concern, especially in the current digital economy, where innovation is the key to the growth of a business. Unsurprisingly, just over 60% of companies reported that technical debt significantly affects their performance, and an even higher percentage (64%) said it would significantly impact their future business.

The good news is it is entirely possible to “pay off” technical debt creating a development process that meets both short-term deadlines and long-term strategic goals. By carefully aligning modern application development platforms, organisational structures and team priorities, any company can steadily chip away at their debt without compromising the timelines of its current projects.

With the correct tools and processes, a company doesn’t need to choose between ‘building fast’ and ‘building right’. OutSystems platform makes it possible to build apps fast while making them future-proof, thus minimising technical debt.

Conneqt Digital collaborates with OutSystems to hold this webinar to discuss technical debt optimisation. We work in partnership to help organisations build apps that ensure cloud-native, enterprise-grade applications’ security, resilience and scalability. 

While so many struggle to address this issue, we can help your business stop technical debt in its tracks and create apps that never go stale in the first place.

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Time Activity Speaker
11:00 Welcome address & Conneqt introduction Sajeev Nair 
11:15 Capability Presentation: Technical Debt Optimization using Outsystems Rajakumar Hirlakond 
11:40 Technical Presentation by OutSystems Goutam Behera 
12:10 Question and Answer Sajeev Nair
Time Activity Speaker
11:30 Registration & Welcome Coffee
12:00 Welcome Address & Introduction of Boardroom Leader Sarfaraz
12:05 Intro to Conneqt Digital Shivkumar Subramaniam – Business Head, ME
12:15 Presentation Hadeel Elgenedy – Key Account Manager – UAE, OutSystems
12:30 Case Study Sajeev Nair – CTO, Conneqt Digital
12:45 Q & A
13:30 Networking & Lunch
14:30 Vote of Thanks

Key Speakers

Sajeev Nair

Conneqt Digital

Rajakumar Hirlakond

AVP & Practice Lead, Digital Integration & Automation
Conneqt Digital

Goutam Behera

Solution Architect

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