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Our Advanced Data Analytics And Insights Accelerate Business Growth With Improved Operational And Functional Decisions

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Improved Decision Making

Data and analytics are making better decisions and propelling business growth. It helps you anticipate the market and analyze customer trends. Gartner highlighted the importance of data and analytics as the driver of digitization and transformation efforts. However, in current digitally advanced days, less than 50% of documented corporate strategies mention data and analytics as fundamental components for delivering enterprise value.
Conneqt IT services in data analytics are mainly grouped into the following three areas based on the technical domain and target audience within the organizations:

Data Management and

Data Visualization
and Analytics

Data Science
and Machine Learning

Our Data & Analytics Solution Offerings

90% of corporate strategies will explicitly mention data as a critical enterprise asset and analytics as an essential competency by the near future. So, to help our clients compete efficiently and make them future-ready, we provide various data and analytics solutions that include the following:

Data Migration

Our data modernization journey starts with understanding our client's goals, objectives, and expected business outcomes. We also understand and provide necessary solutions to help our clients do the tightrope-walking of running their BAUs while at the same time extracting funds for innovation.

Self-service Data Visualization

We offer NLP-based Data Visualization with Self-service capabilities for a clear vision to navigate your organization toward growth and a bright future. It helps you see the growth trajectory more clearly than a rear-view mirror look. We emphasize leveraging the full potential of data to predict the future and orient your business to be on track to leverage future opportunities.

ML/Generative AI

We help you transition from engineering data to engineering business outcomes through the various aspects of analytics service, prescriptive and predictive. Our expert team can help you build an analytical center of excellence that will help you leverage analytics at scale across your organizational functions and hierarchy and help you achieve your business outcomes.


Are you seeking a Data and Analytics partner with the right expertise and experience? Conneqt with us

The Conneqt Advantage

Led by industry veterans with years of domain expertise, we provide strategic digital partnerships to our clients across diverse verticals. Our efficient digital transformation initiatives deliver tangible business outcomes for our clients. Commitment toward continuous excellence and a customer-first approach made us the strategic, trusted partner to revamp and reimagine the digital transformation journey of over 200 clients.

We bring the crucial difference

Accelerate Your Data Migration

Our expert Data Migration services leverage robust solutions to streamline and fast-track your data modernization and migration journey.

Industry Expertise

With extensive and varied industry experience and deep Data and Analytics domain expertise, we deliver tangible business outcomes with efficient digital transformation.

Identify the Most Effective Tools & Technologies

We ensure that we help you choose the right tools for dashboard and analytics solutions through our understanding of the type of dashboards, user base, and data volumes.

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Our Technology Expertise

We partner with some of the well-known technology players in the industry to serve our clients with a comprehensive digital assurance service.

Blogs & Resources

Commitment towards continuous excellence and a customer-first approach forms the base of our values. Here’s how we achieve it!

The client is a leading Middle East-based Insurance provider with more than 60 types of
insurance, including medical, motor, fire, property, engineering, casualty, marine, aviation,
Takaful, and liability insurance

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