Increase efficiency with

Predictive Analytics-driven
Cost-Effective Digital Assurance

Testing and automation help you improve operational efficiency and customer experience

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Predictive Analytics-driven

Testing and automation enable you to improve operational efficiency and customer experience
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Elevate your digital game with a trusted Digital Assurance partner

Digital transformation is the need of the hour, understandably so with the current trend of rapidly changing customer expectations. After all, digitally advanced customers such as millennials and Gen Z expect the convenience of technology-empowered services at their fingertips. With deep industry experience and technological expertise, we deliver positive business outcomes for diverse industries.

Business benefits

Turning visions into victories: Discover what we achieve for you

We deliver positive business benefits with our holistic digital assurance services, including continuous testing and automation. Led by industry experts, our experienced team ensures we achieve the following

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50% optimized efforts

Our AI-powered automation, combined with the elimination of redundant test cases/scripts, enables us to perform efficient testing. Your efforts are reduced with more testing.

20 – 30% cost saved annually

We help you save costs with our sophisticated Digital Assurance framework that enables cloud-based services and continuous monitoring of Cost of Quality metrics.

Zero production defects

Revolutionize your production processes with the power of AI-driven testing and automation, where perfection meets efficiency. Explore the transformative potential that AI brings to testing, ensuring zero defects.

20 – 98% Schedule adherence

Experience a paradigm shift in schedule adherence with AI-powered testing and automation. From 20% to an astounding 98% schedule adherence, our solutions revolutionize timelines and ensure precision in every phase of your operations.


Build confidence with digital excellence: Experience the expertise that matters

Centered on Excellence: Testing that sets the standard

Our Testing Center of Excellence is where precision meets innovation, and excellence is not just a goal but a standard. A powerhouse of testing prowess, our dedicated center is equipped with cutting-edge tools and a team of skilled professionals committed to ensuring the highest quality standards in every testing endeavor. From meticulous software testing to comprehensive quality assurance, our Testing Center of Excellence stands as a beacon of reliability, setting a new benchmark for standards in the realm of testing and quality assurance.

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The Conneqt Advantage

Our team of experts has a deep industry experience that equips them to deliver value consistently. We work closely with your team to help you set up a DevOps-driven Digital Assurance platform leveraging Industry best tools and practices. Our services provide the following:

Scalability and Security Assurance

Our services ensure speedy delivery without compromising quality and security with the help of AI-powered self-healing automation and other methodologies.

CX/UX Assurance

Implementing industry best practices and testing methodologies, we deliver consistent quality and superior user experience thus ensuring exceptional customer experience.

Omnichannel Assurance

We provide omnichannel support through our cloud-based services that also help in cost saving.

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Assure. Achieve. Excel: The promise of our Digital Assurance services

We provide comprehensive digital assurance services that help you increase efficiency while maintaining speed, quality, and cost-effectiveness. Our gamut of service offerings comprises:

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Core QA Services

  • Functional Testing(ST, SIT)
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Production Support
  • Package/Platform & Product Testing


  • Automation Strategy
  • POC
  • Framework
  • Automation services (Freeware/Licensed Tools)

Customer Experience Assurance

  • Customer Journey
  • Testing
  • Business Performance
  • Assurance
  • Omnichannel Assurance

Quality Engineering

  • Test Consulting
  • Digital Assurance
  • Framework
  • Agile/DevOps
  • NextGen QA Platforms

Success stories that define our journey

Led by industry veterans, we help our clients achieve their business objectives. We develop our action plan and strategy based on your specific business requirements.

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Powering progress with our dynamic partnerships

We partner with some of the well-known technology players in the industry to serve you with a comprehensive digital assurance service.

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Commitment towards continuous excellence and a customer-first approach forms the base of our values. Here’s how we achieve it!

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