ML and Generative AI-based Intelligent Data Science Platforms

Simplify Your Data Science Journey With Advanced AI/ML Platforms For Quick, Actionable Insights

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Navigate your organization towards the future

Leveraging advanced ML or generative AI, we empower you to improve organizational efficiency and achieve better ROI. We are passionate about unlocking the potential of data to anticipate future trends and opportunities for your business. Our data scientists possess a unique blend of business acumen, statistical expertise, and technical proficiency to deliver cutting-edge solutions that leverage AI and ML. Join forces with us to drive innovation and stay ahead of the competition.

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Helping you conquer business challenges to reach new heights

Though data science is centered around experimentation, data preparation, and building and deploying data models, quickly processing massive amounts of data can be challenging. Fortunately, our team’s extensive expertise guarantees a streamlined and efficient process.

Simplifying your data science journey with various data analysis techniques involves utilizing different methods and tools to extract insights and knowledge from complex data sets. Leveraging multiple data analysis techniques, we streamline their workflow and uncover valuable insights that can inform decision-making and drive business success.

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Discover the perfect Solution

We apply various analytical techniques, such as regression or clustering, to uncover insights and make predictions based on the data. Synthesizing our findings, we communicate the results in a clear and actionable manner, providing you with the information you need to make informed decisions and achieve your goals.
Here’s what AnalytiQ offers:
  • Accelerators for AI/ML models
  • Helps to reduce the data science journey by 50%
  • Chooses from built-in CLM ML models
  • Highlights where connections can exist between various factors that human eyes cannot detect
  • Leveraging advanced AI/ML techniques such as image processing and deep learning, we solve your complex data-related problems

Conneqt IT services  in data analytics are mainly grouped into the following three areas based on the technical domain and target audience within the organisations:

Data Management and

Data Visualization
and Analytics

Data Science
and Machine Learning

Data Modernization

Our data modernisation journey starts with understanding our client's goals, objectives, and expected business outcomes. We also understand and provide necessary solutions to help our clients do the tightrope-walking of running their BAUs while at the same time extracting funds for innovation.

Insights 360

We strive to provide feature-rich solutions with informative dashboards to generate reports per requirement. Our reports bring data to life through specific platform features for a visual representation of data, granularity of insights, and self-service-based data discovery to create your own insights.

Intelligence 360

Intelligence 360 ensures we provide you with a clear vision to navigate your organisation towards growth and a bright future. It helps you see the growth trajectory more clearly than a rear-view mirror look. We emphasise leveraging the full potential of data to predict the future and orient your business to be on track to leverage future opportunities.

Analytics as a Service

We help you transition from engineering data to engineering business outcomes through the various aspects of analytics service, prescriptive and predictive. Our expert team can help you build an analytical centre of excellence that will help you leverage analytics at scale across your organisational functions and hierarchy and help you achieve your business outcomes.

Minimize customer churn with the power of AI/ML

Get insights with near real-time and instant access to a 360 view of your customers in a single Platform.

Build your customer analytics view, including customer engagement,  churn, feedback, and product selection across all your customers, by connecting your customer data in one place. AI-driven decision-making allows you to embed the customer models and integrate them with the platform to enhance the analytics capabilities. It supports all types of cloud and in-house data centers.


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