Application Modernization

Redefine your apps with the power of Application Modernization

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Embrace the future with Application Modernization

Application modernization is the act of revamping legacy applications by upgrading their infrastructure, architecture, and functionality. This process may involve transferring data and apps to the cloud or a hybrid environment. It is essential to keep up with evolving business requirements.

At Conneqt, we go beyond simple application migration. Our multi-faceted approach enables you to develop a broader perspective and embrace an organizational mindset, which is critical for establishing mission-critical business applications that meet your business objectives.

Redefine your business and stay ahead of the curve

Break free from legacy systems and join the modernization revolution to eliminate unnecessary maintenance costs with our innovative service. We help you overcome some business challenges:

Embrace the power of Application Modernization with our offering

We provide comprehensive Application Modernization service that accelerates your digital transformation journey. Here is our offer:

Cloud data management services

Redefine your apps with the power of Application Modernization

Future-proof your business with our Value Proposition

Our extensive Application Modernization service delivers significant value and business outcome for your business. Here are the values we deliver:

Capabilities & Solutions

With significant investment in our Digital Competency Centres across Apps, Data, Platforms, and Cloud, as partnerships with world-renowned tech majors, we drive accelerated digital transformation across industries and verticals.

Cloud Adoption Assessment Services

Multi-Cloud Strategy & Consulting

Infrastructure Migration

Data & Database Migration

Platform Migration

Application Migration

Why Conneqt?

Deliver the best to your customers based on their preferences!

Tailored Solutions

Our customized, cost-effective, and sound business strategies help you succeed in highly competitive markets.

Technology Proficiency

Along with our partners, we continuously develop accelerators and software IP that contribute to our growth.

Global Network

We deliver application modernization in collaboration with a global network of market leaders and innovators.


Our team of experts helps you redevelop, manage, and integrate your applications into your new heterogeneous infrastructure environments.

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Our Partners

We partner with some of the well-known technology players in the industry to serve our clients with a comprehensive digital assurance service.