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Join Hands to Accelerate ESG Adoption Across Enterprises

Bangalore, Karnataka, India | 12 August 2022: Conneqt Business Solutions Limited and Billion Lives Business Initiative Pvt Ltd are joining forces to tackle ESG, one of the most critical areas for organizations. Conneqt and BillionLives will strive to work towards providing ESG-as-a-Service for organizations through collaborative business services and technology offerings.

This partnership combines BillionLives leading ESG technology, ImGrows with Conneqt’s domain expertise in delivering business solutions across the ESG Landscape. The platform will analyze and predict the organization’s practices and ensure that organization’s environmental, social and governance impact is managed.

The Current Landscape
Businesses today need to navigate multiple changes brought on by changing consumer needs, advances in technology and more, and embedding ESG factors can help deliver long-term results, creating a high value enterprise. The Covid-19 pandemic too, has reinforced the importance of incorporating an ESG framework for business resilience and promoting clear communication amongst multiple stakeholders.

To that, our partnership with the ImGrows platform will help create a structured approach to Assess, Measure, Quantify and integrate ESG into their business.

Arjun Ramaraju, CEO of Conneqt, said “Increasingly, organizations are embedding sustainability to mitigate climate change impact, inclusive growth and transitioning to a sustainable economy. We’re pleased to be partnering with BillionLives and will now offer organizations the ability to accelerate ESG maturity”.

John Santhosh, Founder of BillionLives said “ESG assessment and sustainability reporting need a deep tech platform and we are delighted to partner with Conneqt to offer ImGrows platform to customers with business services from Conneqt.”