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Digital Transformation is the Future

Digital transformation creates new opportunities for businesses and helps them drive innovation to stay ahead of competitors. By harnessing the vast power of digital, companies can completely transform – from improving customer experiences, increasing productivity and maximising profitability. And while the world over, companies and businesses are shifting to digital, one sector that is showing rapid change on the digital front is BFSI.

BFSI – An Industry Under Rapid Transformation

With customers expecting smoother and more convenient financial interactions, the primary change in the BFSI sector is to automate and digitise banking and fintech organisations’ processes and streamline critical processes. The benefits of this change include a more vigorous risk management process, automation of repetitive tasks and enhanced security features.

According to Allied Market Research, the global digital transformation in the BFSI market size is expected to reach $164.08 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 15.4% from 2020 to 2027.


Conneqt Digital and The Economic Time Digital Experience Webinar 2022 – “The Road Ahead for BFSI”

In partnership with The Economic Times, the webinar, which took place on 17th March 2022, was a coming together of global business leaders and industry experts sharing their views on the impact of digital transformation in the BFSI sector. The event also explored strategies based on digital revolution and the need to strike the right balance between technology, customer experience and security.

Snippets from the Session

Analyst Speaker- Challenges businesses are facing in digital transformation journey

Talking Points:

  • Cost
  • Security
  • Long processes
  • Lack of talent


Saurabh Tripathi, Managing Director and Senior Partner, BCG

Presentation: Total experience transformation: Revolutionizing businesses with low-code application platforms

Like other sectors, BFSI have also adapted customer experience transformation paradigms to effectively create best in class customer journey management (CJM) for B2C, B2E2C processes. Lowcode application platforms like Outsystems are ideal choice for rapid development and effective deployment of such strategic transformational initiatives

In this session, here is what we will focus on:

  • Changing Customer expectations on Banking Experiences
  • BFSI used cases for CX Transformation
  • LCAP enablement- Outsystems


Krishnakumar Gangaatharan, Solution Architect Lead, Outsystems
Sajeev Nair, CTO –  IT services, Conneqt Business Solutions


Panel discussion: Exploring the potential of next-generation platforms

Talking points:

  • Unified Customer Experience
  • Workflow Orchestration across Enterprises
  • Common Enterprise Platforms


Ashwin Khorana, CIO, Ujjivan Small
Chandan Khaitan, CEO, Muthoot Digital Business
Sivakumar Nandipati, CDO, Fedfina
Kapil Jacob, Solution Consultant, ServiceNow
Srikanth  Rajagopalan, Practice Head – Platform Services, Conneqt Business Solutions

Sreyssha George, Managing Director and Partner, BCG India

Keynote Session: Accelerated Digital Transformation


Talking points:

  • Newer ways of working
  • Leveraging Digital Tools
  • Faster business outcomes


Arjun Ramaraju, CEO, Conneqt Business Solutions

Interview: Cybersecurity risk management: Prioritizing threats with strategic approach

Talking Points:

  • Cybersecurity challenges in Indian Banking System
  • RBI Regulatory Compliances


Pazhamalai Jayaram, Cybersecurity Advisor

Mohan Chennasamudra, Chief Business Officer, Conneqt Business Solutions

Vote of thanks by Shaji Pillai, Sr. Vice President and Head of Strategic Sales, Conneqt Business Solutions

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