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Low code data analytics platforms – Future of Analytics and Data Science

Today, low code tools are becoming increasingly popular. According to a 2021 Gartner report, by 2024, 75% of large enterprises will use at least four low-code platforms. These platforms allow users to perform specific tasks without the need to code. The simple drag-and-drop interface involves very little IT help, thus enabling businesses without significant IT support to perform tasks much more efficiently. 

As websites become the gateway to gathering customer information, every business with an online presence generates enormous data, including metrics on customer website usage, demographics, website journey, and more. 

Data analysis that requires hours of intervention from IT experts is revolutionized by low-code data analytics that leverages machine learning to simplify the consumption of Big Data. Low-code analytical platforms make the data analysis process more manageable for IT departments and offer a better experience for everyday business users. A low-code data analytics platform helps organizations of all sizes to leverage insights effectively. These low-code platforms allow companies of any size to leverage their existing resources and customize solutions to suit their business requirements to stay competitive. When implemented right, low-code analytics is a high-yield investment. Gartner reports that half of the analytics will be developed by business users via a low-code or no-code modular assembly experience by 2025. 

Use cases of low-code data analytics 

  • Banks and other financial institutions can use low-code/no-code data analytics tools to map-out customer user journeys within the website. This allows them to understand customer experience and create a more omnichannel offering.
  • In fleet management, low-code data analytics tools are advantageous as it helps mine require data from various sources within the need to program.
  • IIoT systems with a low-code analytics platform enable users to customize analytics faster and improve meaningful insights while reducing development effort. 

Benefits of low-code analytics 

  • Speed – Instead of building and deploying models, the process is taken through autonomous technology that improves speed and faster implementation of analytics tools. 
  • Simplicity – As these platforms use a ‘drag-and-drop’ interface, non-experts can develop at scale and work effortlessly 
  • High-yield investment – There is no need for large-scale infrastructure with low-code platforms. This is suitable for businesses expanding across locations as they can use the same platform with minor modifications. 
  • Low cost – Low-code platforms rely on AI and robust ML to perform. By automating specific analytics tasks, businesses can accelerate their digital approach to innovation and reduce costs. 
  • Minimal IT support – The advanced automation allows non-developers to access and build a customizable platform from the range of capabilities available.
  • Feature availability – No-code platforms are not restricted to any particular use. These solutions have various features easily customized to suit the user’s needs. 
  • Removes organizational silos – To get actionable insights, departments must share information transparently. Low-code platforms thus remove inter-departmental silos and improve communication. 

These low-code platforms have ready-made tools that can be used for analytics, visual user interface, and reusable components, which help improve professionals’ productivity. With the new low-code tools, employees can quickly bring analytics into their regular workflows. 

However, finding the right low-code platform may require some trial and error. This is where Conneqt Digital comes into play. Conneqt Digital offers Low-code application platforms for rapid development. We offer various services, including customer engagement, customer and field service, core operations, mission-critical operations, and tactical/employee apps. Our idea is to innovate low-code platforms for accelerated development. To that end, we leveraged our deep domain expertise to build low-code applications for a leading bank. To know more about our services,  visit www.conneqtcorp.com

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