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Date: 1 Dec 2022
Time: 2:00 PM

Embrace ESG as a Service for a long-term strategy to Success

Current ESG Landscape

Sustainability and ESG are now a top priority for companies globally. The three pillars of ESG are Sustainability, Profitability and Value. Together they help businesses grow, foster brand and customer loyalty, provide sustainable investment and attract talent.

Prioritising ESG and accelerating its adoption results in significant business value for the companies such as

  • Creating value and access to markets/increased market share
  • Increased access to capital, reduced financial risks
  • Caring for environment and society and attracting talent 
  • Sustained returns with responsible investment



Create. Converge. Conneqt.

Be a part of a team that is constantly growing and innovating

Ensuring you get the opportunity to learn new skills and update your expertise with us, we undertake learning programs and training courses for our team periodically, such as – 

  • LowCode applications training program with OutSystems
  • Admin/Developer certification with SalesForce
  • Pega training program 

We believe in having fun while working together and arrange programs for the team to have fun and develop a bond. Come and be a part of our fun and frolic.